Return to a post-apocalyptic world ruled by machines. But this time, you can team with or compete against your friends in the ultimate "Deathmatch"--over a network or the Internet--in frenzied multiplayer combat.

SkyNET creates a visually stunning world featuring eight unique environments. You can battle it out against your friends in a city littered with debris from war or take everyone on across the rolling hills of Los Angeles. Select from over 10 different characters, including a terminator, in multiplayer combat.

SkyNET also includes eight single-player missions, 18 deadly weapons and devices, including a missile launcher and motion tracker, and supports the Virtual IO and Forte VFX1 HMDs with head tracking.


5 Stars!

Next Generation

Editor's Choice Award


System Requirements:

486/66 MHz IBM PC or Compatible
2x CD-ROM drive
20 MB hard disk space
VGA Graphics
MS-DOS 5.0+
Win95/98 compatible


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