Skip Barber Racing 


Uniting competitive open-wheel racing with a proven training program, Skip Barber Racing fills the gap in high-end motorsport simulations. Skip Barber Racing is the first game to offer comprehensive driver training with professional evaluation and feedback as a catalyst into Barber's ultra-competitive developmental racing series. 

Employing sophisticated data acquisition and analysis, Barber's world-class coaching staff works to ensure that you become an expert in the art and science of open-wheel racing. Skip Barber features stunning 3D-accelerated graphics, realistic physics, and an unparalleled training program to form the ultimate motorsport simulation. Begin your training in Barber's Formula Dodge racecars and master such techniques as trail-braking, heel-and-toe downshifting, and finding the fastest racing line. Then, you're ready to compete in the Formula Race Series.

As you progress from novice to veteran, you'll graduate to the pinnacle of Skip Barber's world-famous racing school, the Barber Dodge Pro Series. Customize your revolutionary Reynard Dodge to suit a specific track or driving style, and then use your training and skills to compete against others and achieve victory at the highest level!

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Skip Barber Racing
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