Be the first to explore and drive near-future racing machines in XCar: Experimental Racing. Select from a revolutionary collection of hi-tech, race-bred automobiles. Customize your machine from a host of the most advanced racing components. Test your vehicles on the high-speed oval, skid pad, or handling track, then use the telemetry data to optimize your car's performance in preparation for qualifying.

Enter the race circuit and compete against your friends over a modem or network on ten tracks, including five awesome fantasy tracks, complete with elevations, structures, and sponsored billboards. XCar will push your driving skills as you negotiate beautifully detailed real and concept tracks at incredible speeds!

Key Features:

  • Choose from 16 hi-tech, prototype race machines.
  • Practice or race a single race or an entire circuit.
  • Real race conditions including weather and racing physics.
  • Realistic collisions, complete with flying parts, billowing smoke, and vehicular damage.
  • Fully customizable controls and viewing options.
  • High quality Redbook audio music and sound effects.
  • Network up to eight players, or compete in head-to-head competition via modem.
  • System Requirements:

    486/66MHz IBM PC or Compatible
    8 MB RAM
    2x CD-ROM drive
    25 MB hard disk space
    VGA Video card
    MS-DOS 5.0+
    Joystick or steering wheel recommended
    Win95 compatible

Vital Links:

XCar Web site
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Try the software accelerated or 3Dfx demo of XCar.

3Dfx patch
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Change Your Tires
Adjust 17 different coefficients for your tires with this tire editor for XCar.

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