Acting as a mercenary, take charge of an F16 Falcon and fly over 40 geopolitical missions all across destabilized regions of Africa. F16: Aggressor is the closest anyone outside the military will get to experiencing an F16 Falcon. Get ready to use world class technology with flight modeling that's so realistic that military-only secret features had to be removed. Available Now!

Fly over 40 geo-political missions over destabilized regions of Africa, including beautiful and accurate landscapes from Madagascar, The Rift Valley, Morocco, and Ethiopia. A powerful AI controls tanks, planes, helicopters, ships, trucks, and other vehicles with stunning realism. You can engage opponents in simultaneous air combat in target-rich environments over Internet or LAN.


"F-16 Aggressor has a combination of realism and intuitiveness that is rarely seen in flight simulations."

System Requirements:

Pentium 166MHZ
4 x CD-ROM drive
2MB DirectX 6.0 compatible video card
100% DirectX 6.0 compatible sound card
28.8K Modem for Internet play
Windows 95/98

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