This award-winning adventure from the creative team behind Arena and Daggerfall combines the epic sweep of The Elder Scrolls universe with swashbuckling duels, a handcrafted 3D world, and a staggering story line to create a genre-breaking experience.

You are Cyrus, a Redguard mercenary who has returned to his homeland on an urgent mission. His sister has been kidnapped and a great conspiracy has consumed his homeland. Your quest leads from the Iron Governor of the Island Stros M'kai, to a restless band of pirates, and even into another dimension. Along the way you'll interact with dozens of characters and face creatures of every shape and size. You'll explore beaches, mountains, caverns, ruins, and more as the storyline unfolds.


"Redguard combines the best elements of adventure, action, exploration with hints of role-playing, and is scripted in a lusciously detailed 3D world full of pirates, swordsman, archers, magicians, dirty politicians and one devious assassin...I cannot recommend Redguard enough."

Reviewer's Choice Award

"Redguard successfully merges action and adventure into one tasty package."

Editor's Choice Award

"Redguard is a thrilling game, one of Bethesda's best releases...Check it out if you're looking for a swashbuckling adventure with a good plot."

A List

PC Games

Best Action-Adventure of '98

Inductee: WarZone Hall of Fame

"...if there are any would-be designers out there wondering what the next generation of games will be like-they only need to take their cue from Redguard."


Gamer's Choice Award

Game Over Online

4 Stars

Next Generation Magazine

Highly Recommended Award

Games Domain

System Requirements:

Pentium 166
Windows 95
350MB free hard drive space
SVGA, VESA 2.0 compliant video card, 3Dfx recommended
16-Bit Sound Card

Vital Links:

Official Redguard Website
Latest news, information, screenshots and updates for Redguard.

Redguard Discussion Forum
The place to discuss all things Redguard

Downloadable Interactive Demo (3Dfx-brand hardware accelerator required) 
Action-packed demonstration version of Redguard. Check it out!

Downloadable Non-Interactive Trailer
The must-see trailer that has everyone talking!

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