The recipient of every major "Best RPG of the Year" award, The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall revolutionizes the world of role-playing games, creating a new standard in 3D graphics and role-playing expansiveness. The second chapter in The Elder Scrolls, Daggerfall contains, literally, hundreds of hours of gameplay. Prepare to experience your new obsession.

Starting off in Daggerfall can overwhelm the senses. No other game has such a huge world to explore. Travel around a land mass twice the size of Great Britain, exploring dungeons, castles, tombs, and even alternative dimensions. Just to walk from one end of the world to the other will take over 2 full weeks in real-time (we actually tested this!) Converse with over 750,000 characters that inhabit this world. Daggerfall is a game that sets new boundaries with over 200 hours of gameplay. It's no wonder that it took almost 3 years to develop this epic game.

You can literally do anything you want and go anywhere you want. Join a guild and climb in rank to become a respected member of a Knightly Order. Become a spy and infiltrate the royal ranks, and even rebel against your own king. Become a thief who slips in and out of the shadows and steals the rare treasures of the world. There are six different endings, if you choose to play out the main story quest, but ultimately the life you choose to live will be a unique experience that no other gamer will encounter.


1997 Best Role-Playing Game of the Year

Editorís Choice Award

Top 50 Games Of All Time

1997 Premiere Award: Best Role Playing

Game of the Year

Editorís Choice Award

1997 Best Role-Playing Game of the Year

PC Games

PC Today

Best Role Playing Game of the Year
1997 Computer Game Developerís Conference


System Requirements:

486/66 MHz IBM PC or Compatible
2x CD-ROM drive
50 MB hard disk space
Local Bus (or equivalent) video card
MS-DOS 5.0+


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Daggerfall Chronicles Hint Book
Visit the Bethesda Softworks store to purchase the official Daggerfall hint book.

Daggerfall Software Patch
Fixes some technical issues in the retail version of Daggerfall

Daggerfall Saved Game Utility
Fixes some technical issues in the retail version of Daggerfall

Daggerfall Demo
Try this award-winning game for yourself by downloading the Daggerfall demo.

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