The first chapter in the award-winning The Elder Scrolls series, Arena includes full character generation, 18 unique character classes, 2,500 magical items, and over 400 cities, towns, and villages for you to explore. Arena won awards and acclaim from every major media outlet for it's engrossing storyline and in depth gameplay.


Top 40 Games of All Time

Editor's Choice


"Arena is quite simply the most captivating, well designed, realistic world available on home computers."

Premier Award

Role Playing Game of the Year


"TES: Arena has the best interface and combat ever seen in a CPRG. A must-have, huge, role-playing adventure. TES: Arena is the best RPG of the Year."

Strategy Plus

"TES: Arena surpasses all other role-playing games in depth and realism! A must buy for RPG fans!"

Electronic Games

"A landmark work! You owe it to yourself to get the Elder Scrolls: Arena!"

Editor's Choice

PC Games Plus

Golden Triad Award

Role Playing Game of the Year

Computer Game Review

Role Playing Game of the Year

Computer Player, Game Machine

System Requirements:

386/25 IBM or 100% compatible


MS-DOS 5.0+



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Arena Software Patch
Fixes some technical issues in the retail version of The Elder Scrolls Arena

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