Sea Dogs 



Return to the age of sail as a young captain looking to make a name in the world. Combining elements of role-playing, naval combat, and strategy, Sea Dogs provides limitless possibilities for action and adventure as you choose your own course and fate. You can give your allegiance to one of four Nations (France, England, Spain, and the Pirates) and change it during the course of play.

Sea Dogs is reminiscent of our classic RPG, Daggerfall, in which players were free to choose any course of action they wished in a limitless and unbounded game. At any time you can choose to change your allegiances by changing sides, giving up pirating to join the cause of a country, or leaving your country to become a pirate. Regardless of your actions in the game you always have the ability to choose another course through a number of means, such as bribery.

Players begin the game with a small ship and some general guidance as to what they might do next. Towns serve as focal points in the game, allowing you to repair, re-supply, and upgrade your ship, pick up new crewmembers, look for work, or simply listen to rumors.

Sea Dogs provides a series of quests and missions that will keep you headed toward an overall final objective. Each side features a different storyline, ending, and missions for you to take on. You may decide you want to sail the seas looking for ships to fight to test you battle skills, or perhaps you know of trade opportunities that exist on several islands and you wish to make your fortune as a trader.

Through wealth or combat, you can obtain additional ships and place them under your command. You decide which NPCs to hire as captains and have them work with you to complete missions, such as attacking and capturing other ships or forts.


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