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1992 MAZDA



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Bethesda Softworks is proud to announce NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing, a fully-featured drag racing simulation from the makers of the award winning Hot Rod Magazine's Championship Drag Racing. Combining the high velocity action and spectacular crashes of drag racing with in-depth simulation, NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing is set to offer gamers the fastest thrills on four wheels.

NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing is fully sanctioned by the National Import Racing Association. Import drag racing is one of the fastest growing and most exciting segments of the drag racing world. NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing features 10 accurately modeled import cars with over 60 customizable engine components to tweak. 32 telemetry and data card time points give racers fully detailed insight into the game's accurate physics models. Players can compete in single races, events or entire seasons, drag racing on 20 unique tracks. Simulation fans will be able to put their skills to the test with LAN, modem and Internet play.

Best race and crash replays can be saved and exchanged with other racers. Players can also design their own paint-jobs in the fully featured paint shop. Every detail of drag racing has been replicated, down to thundering engine sounds digitized from actual drag racing vehicles.

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