Floor it!


The creators of the world's first drag racing simulation are paving the way for the next revolution in dragracing with NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing! Featuring the top 10 drivers and cars from the National ImportRacing Association (NIRA) you'll be able to compete in the most accurate simulation of this fast growing sport. Compete online in the world's first online drag racing league. Following hot on the heels of the award-winningHot Rod Championship Drag Racing, and Championship Drag Racing PCE, NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing includes anumber of highly requested features including an in-car cockpit view while racing, a paintshop utility, nitrousoxide injection, fully customizable sounds and much, much more!

NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing lets you custom build your favorite import car, peel out from the starting line, and leave your competitors eating the smoke left in your wake. You've never played a racing sim like this -- we're talking the fastest motor sport in the world. Prepare to feel the speed, the thrill and the power of the world's first import drag racing sim for the PC.

  • Take a tour of NIRA's 10 tire-burning supercars, including classic imports -- straight from the NIRA racing circuit!
  • Check out the multiple tracks based on authentic locations including NIRA member tracks!
  • Stop inside to see the full on tire churning action that awaits in NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing!
  • Witness heart-stopping crashes
  • Take a look at the car shop where you'll design and customize every aspect of the car, from engine, transmission, tires, suspension, and aerodynamics to create your dream car!
  • Check out the high-tech testing suite where you'll utilize the 32 channels of telemetry data to "tweak" your car to perfection.
  • Race the car of your dreams in single heat, event or an entire season!
  • Save and replay your best races and crashes with the VCR!