Q4 2000

Echelon is the next evolution in futuristic flight combat that delivers the latest technical and gameplay innovations demanded by today's experienced game playing audience without sacrificing accessibility for newcomers. Players fly a variety of futuristic aircraft through several branching campaigns set on a spectacular continent that takes eight hours of real-time flying to cross.

Set in 2351, players begin the game as a member of a squad and work within their flight to achieve mission objectives. This first-person action game puts the player in tension filled white-knuckle combat over lush alien landscapes and towering cities as a member of an elite fighting force.

Echelon uses a proprietary 3D graphics engine that allows for spectacular effects, such as dust and particle effects, highly realistic environments, beautiful landscapes, detailed building models, more than 25 types of friendly and enemy craft, 100 vehicles, and over 100 additional objects. In addition to several single-player campaigns, Echelon will support several multiplayer options including deathmatch and co-op modes in a variety of game types.

Minimum system requirements:

Pentium 200 Mhz
100 MB of hard disk space
3D hardware graphics accelerator


Vital Links:

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