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The official game of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA), PBA Bowling 2 brings the excitement of realistic bowling competition to your PC. Utilizing a state-of-the-art 3D engine, PBA 2 offers full motion skeletal models for an ultra-realistic bowling experience. You'll have complete control over your ball's spin, power and aim. In fact, the game is so real that the oil patterns on the lanes will degrade the more you bowl!

Not only does PBA 2 bring home the bowling experience, you'll be able to do things you could never do at your local alley. Test your skills against realistic computer models, based on actual pros! Fly-by camera replays let you view the action from numerous camera angles. Fully customize the weight, color and texture of your ball and the lane conditions. You can practice your 4-7-10 split in practice mode, play an individual game or start your own bowling season.


Key Features:

Full motions skeletal model for bowler animations
Accurate ball, lane and pin physics
Fly-by camera replays let you see the action from every angle
Digitized sound effects
Full control over your ball's spin and the power of your throw
Customize your bowler's appearance as well as your ball's weight, color and texture


System Requirements:

Pentium II 266MHz (with 3D accelerator card)
6x CD-ROM drive
35MB Free Hard Drive Space
DirectX 7.0 (Provided on CD)
Windows 95/98/2000


ESRB Rating: