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PBA Tour Bowling 2001
is the most exciting and realistic bowling game ever created for PC or Sega Dreamcast! PBA 2001 combines realistic physics, 3D graphics, and online multiplayer play to create entertaining action for players of all ages.

PBA 2001 serves up improved physics modeling and more realistic graphics. The game features full-motion skeletal models of bowlers in 3D to create a realistic bowling experience. In addition, the bowler will have complete control over the ball's spin, power, and aim. To add to the game's realism, the lanes in PBA Tour Bowling 2001 will actually degrade, showing signs of wear and tear the more the player bowls.

PBA Tour Bowling 2001 will support single-player and multiplayer online games and feature a variety of gameplay modes, including practice, team games, and tournaments. Custom bowlers can also be created and customized according to their appearance, strike ball, spare ball, and more.

With an ESRB Rating of E (Everyone), PBA Tour Bowling 2001 is intended for all age groups and skill levels. This game was designed not only to provide hours of realistic bowling entertainment, but also to help novices and pros alike improve existing bowling skills. Players can test their skills against AI computer models that are based on actual pros from the PBA tour. Fly-by game cameras allow the player to view the action from several different camera angles. These cameras also allow the player to critique their own style through numerous replays at different positions, from execution to follow-through.