RPG Vault's Sea Dogs Preview
RPG Vault has posted their hands-on preview of Sea Dogs. According to the preview, "Sea Dogs looks very much like it will be a well crafted game that will offer plenty of hours of highly enjoyable gameplay."

Gamecenter Previews Art of Magic
Gamecenter has posted a preview of Art of Magic. Stop by and see what they had to say and check out the new screenshots.

Best RTS Games Article
Art of Magic is included in a CNET Gamecenter feature article on "eight great RTS games in the works." Stop by and see what they had to say about our genre-breaking RTS.

PBA 2001 PC Gone Gold!
The PC version of PBA 2001 Tour Bowling has gone gold, and should be in stores soon. You can pre-order your copy from our Online Store. The Sega Dreamcast version of PBA 2001 should be going gold soon. Stay tuned for the announcement.

PBA 2001 Website Launched
We have launched the official PBA 2001 Tour Bowling website, which can be found here. Check it out to get more information about PBA 2001 for PC and Sega Dreamcast.

ActionTrip Previews Sea Dogs
A new preview has been posted at ActionTrip. Stop by to see what they had to say about Sea Dogs, which will be headed to stores in the next two weeks. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, head over to our store and reserve your copy now.

Games Domain AOM Preview
Games Domain has posted a preview of our genre-busting RTS game, Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic. For those of you on the other side of the pond, you can check out the preview at Games Domain Revieew (UK). According to the preview, "...the two years that have passed since the original was released have allowed the action to be migrated to a full 3D world, one which looks every bit as good as that seen in the Myth series."

EuroGamer Art of Magic Preview
A new preview of Art of Magic has been posted at EuroGamer.net. "The Art of Magic isn't due to be released until March 2001, but already it is looking quietly impressive."

Sea Dogs Goes Gold!
We're pleased to announced that Sea Dogs has gone to gold master. It is currently being manufactured and duplicated and will be shipping to stores in a few weeks. For more information, or to see what everyone is saying about our pirate-themed RPG-at-Sea, visit the Sea Dogs Web site.

GameSpy's Art of Magic Preview
GameSpy has put up their thoughts on an early version of Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic. Stop by and read their preview and be sure to check out the new screenshots and artwork too.

Art of Magic Preview
Computer Games Online has posted their preview of our upcoming strategy game, Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic. Art of Magic is the sequel to Magic & Mayhem by Mythos Games, about which Computer Games said, "Nearly two years after the release of Magic & Mayhem from Mythos, there still isn't anything quite like this innovative and entertaining game on the market."

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