Skip Barber Interview
Check out the interview at High Gear with our own Brent Erickson, lead designer for Skip Barber Racing. For more info on Skip Barber Racing, check out our Games section.

New job opportunities!
Check out our Opportunities section for several job postings for game programmers and web designers.

Bethesda's Bounty
Check out the February issue of PC Gamer (page 30) for a cool, two-page article called "Bethesda's Bounty" that covers our upcoming games for 2000.

Magic & Mayhem honored with "Chicklet Award"
Magic & Mayhem was awarded the 1999 Chicklet for "Best Game in a Revived Genre" by Daily Radar. Tom Chick (Chick…Chicklet…get it?) said, "one of the most original games of 1999, not to mention a completely new way to play real time strategy." Get the full scoop from Daily Radar.

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