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Electronic aids in drag racing have long been a topic of discussion and debate. Many believe that there is no place for electronic aids in racing, that it should be purely the driver's skill and the quality of his machine that wins races. Some believe that if all drivers have access to the same equipment, you really aren't changing this fundamental concept. Whichever school of thought you belong to, you can do it in IHRA. IHRA provides three electronic aids; the delay box, the throttle stop, and the rev limiter or two-step.

Delay Box: The delay box is used to program a specific delay from the release of the car (i.e. letting off the break or trans-break) to when the car actually leaves. Delay boxes are used because statistically, you react faster off the first light than by trying to time each light and then react. So, in most cases, the delay box is set so that the player will release the "brake" at the very first amber light and the car will delay until the green before launching.

Throttle Stop: Throttle stops are devices that are programmed to allow the car to launch at full throttle and then back off the throttle at a pre-selected time, delay and then jump back onto the throttle.

Rev Limiters: Rev limiters are devices that limit the RPM that an engine can reach, usually by not allowing the cylinders to fire.

Shift Lights: To help you optimize your shift timing, you may specify two different shift light settings. The shift light will come on when the engine reaches the specified RPM and will stay on for 500 RPM afterwards. If the shift lights overlap, the light will appear to come on only once.

Parachute: The player can select the number and style of a parachute. Some classes in IHRA will require a parachute - usually on cars that run over 150 mph. Any car can be equipped with a parachute.

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