New Echelon Preview
Gamecenter has posted a short preview of Echelon, along with a number of new screenshots. "The game's got a strong flight model and a plethora of configuration options, and it looks damned impressive." Read the full preview or head over to the Echelon site for more information.

Echelon Preview
The Adrenaline Vault has posted a preview of Echelon based on an early version of the game they played. According to the preview, "The visuals are stunning, but not so breathtaking as to be unplayable on older systems. Combat is difficult enough to make veteran stick-jockeys smile, while the twists added to the flight system make it enjoyable for the arcade-action fans." For more info on Echelon, visit the official Web site.

Sea Dogs Screenshots
Daily Radar has put together a preview of Sea Dogs with some new screenshots. From the preview: "Sea Dogs is not just sailing around and shooting at other ships, however. Along with realtime combat on the high seas, there's a good deal of role playing to the game." To learn more, visit the official Sea Dogs Web site.

New Sea Dogs Screenshots
IGN PC has posted a gallery of new screenshots in advance of their upcoming preview of Sea Dogs. Stop by to see the new images or visit the Sea Dogs Web site for more information on our upcoming "pirate" game.

Art of Magic Interview
GameSpy has posted an interview with Andy Smith, Producer for Art of Magic. See what Andy has to say about graphics, gameplay, and how Art of Magic will improve on the success of Magic & Mayhem.

Sea Dogs Video
Check out the new video of Sea Dogs, featuring lots of gameplay footage from our upcoming "pirate" game. The video also features snipits of music from the game's soundtrack. Get it now from the Downloads section. For more information on Sea Dogs, visit our official Sea Dogs Web site.

Morrowind Developer Diary
The first installment of the Morrowind Developer Diary has been posted at Voodoo Extreme. Level Designer Gary "GT" Noonan has the honor of kicking off the diary and sheds some light on how he goes about creating the many areas of Morrowind and the importance of having a "bond."

Echelon Previews
A handful of new previews of Echelon have popped up and everyone's taking about how good our futuristic flight combat game looks. Head over to the Echelon Web site for a list of the latest previews.

Echelon Site Updated
We've added some new screenshots to the Download section and two Velian craft to the Gameplay section, which can be viewed in 3D! Visit the Echelon site to learn more about our upcoming futuristic flight combat game, and stop by the Official Forums to ask questions and talk with other gamers and the producers.

Morrowind Coverage
GA-RPG has posted a First Look preview of our upcoming RPG, Morrowind, as well as an interview with Todd Howard. For more information on Morrowind, visit our Elder Scrolls Web site.

Sea Dogs Interview
The Adrenaline Vault has posted a Sea Dogs interview that covers a variety of topics, including research that went into making the game, key features, tactics, and more. Also, be sure to visit the official Sea Dogs Web site for more info and screenshots of our upcoming RPG-at-Sea.

New Morrowind Interview
GameSpy has posted a lengthy interview with Morrowind Project Leader, Todd Howard, along with two new pieces of artwork. Topics include skill advancement, NPCs, guilds, and much more. (for bethsoft only) For more information about this epic RPG, visit our official Elder Scrolls Web site.


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