Hardware Conflicts
  • Cyrix - The game will crash in towns around buildings. You must use version 1.02.177 or greater of the game.
  • AMD - Pentium clone chips have problems running the game. Slowing down the clock rate seems to help. Contact AMD for instructions on how to do this.
  • NexGen - will not work with the game as they do not have Floating Point (Coprocessor) Units
  • Mitsumi - All speeds - Mitsumi driver (typically MTMCDAE.SYS) is very inefficient and will not work well with the game. The driver takes up too much CPU processing time and does not leave enough for Daggerfall to operate properly. Sometimes, doing a Huge install may reduce the occurrence of these problems. Panasonic and Precision Instruments CD Drives are a few of the many drives that use the Mitsumi driver. The article with the technical background on this can be found at www.gdmag.com. There is a new driver available at Mitsumi's website that should alleviate all problems caused by this. The filename is DI301053.exe.
Sound Cards
  • Ensoniq VIVO cards - The card is incompatible with pre-1.04.191 patch versions of Causeway. This patch level must be used for the card to work with the game.
I/O Cards
  • Paradise EIDE cards - Daggerfall doesn't work well when turbo mode is enabled on this card. Disabling turbo mode should fix the problem.
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