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Bethesda Softworks Ships Gromada for the PC

Top-Down Action Game Delivers Fun, Family Entertainment

April 24, 2000 (Rockville, MD) -- Bethesda Softworks™ today announced that it is shipping Gromada™, a PC-CD ROM arcade-action game, to stores nationwide. Developed by Buka Entertainment, this fast-paced, top-down action game pits players against planet-invading aliens in a non-linear campaign. The player has at their disposal a customizable tank complete with a variety of weaponry. Thanks to its skill settings and customized mission difficulty, Gromada will appeal to gamers of all ages and skill levels.

Gromada's single-player campaign has more than 25 missions that are accessible to any gameplaying skill level - novice to expert. Since Gromada is non-linear, players have the freedom to choose which mission they want to complete next. The game will adjust the difficulty of each mission based on the player's performance in the previous mission(s). Gromada also features two difficulty levels, allowing newcomers to enjoy themselves from the very beginning while experienced players don't have to wait for the game to get challenging. In addition, up to four players can challenge each other in a multiplayer Death Match via LAN or modem. Along with its fast-paced gameplay,

Gromada features high-resolution graphics that bring the planet's surface to life. The game comes alive with flora and fauna that can be destroyed by weapon fire and vehicle movement. Also included are spectacular special graphic effects, such as dynamic light sourcing, dramatic weapons fire, day and night lighting changes, and realistic explosions, smoke, and fire.

The planet Gromada was used as a testing ground for new military units. Mysterious alien forces have descended on Gromada and taken control of every weapon on the planet…every weapon except one. Now you must pilot a powerful, fully customizable tank, called Kassandra, against the massive forces stacked against you. Kassandra can carry up to four different weapon types and can be fitted with several different.

Gromada will be available for an estimated street price of $19.99 from all major retail outlets. The minimum system configuration required is a Pentium 133 with Windows 95/98/2000, 16MB RAM, a 4x CD-ROM, and a 2MB SVGA Video card. Gromada has received an E (Everyone) rating from the Entertainment Software Review Board (ESRB).

Key Features

· Single-player, non-linear campaign features more than 25 missions that can be completed in a variety of order

· Campaign mission objectives and difficult levels change according to the player's performance in previous missions

· Simple controls and a short-learning curve ensure that players can begin enjoying the game quickly

· Two difficulty levels make it possible for novices and experts to enjoy the action · Fully transformable tank featuring multiple weapons holds for armaments like machine guns, laser guns, rocket launchers, and more

· Spectacular special effects, including dynamic light sourcing, dramatic weapons fire, day and night lighting changes, and realistic explosions, smoke, and fire

· Multiplayer deathmatch mode for up to four players via LAN and modem features special maps

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