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Skip Barber Racing gives would-be drivers the chance to learn from the leaders of racing instruction

Bethesda Softworks joins forces with Skip Barber Racing Schools to produce the most accurate professional driving and training simulator ever seen on the PC

Rockville, MD (April 27, 1999) - Bethesda Softworks is proud to announce the development of Skip Barber Racing, a full-featured racing simulation from the makers of the award winning Hot Rod Magazine's Championship Drag Racing, and the upcoming NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing. Combining the high velocity action of Formula Dodge and Pro Dodge race cars with an in-depth simulation that includes a thorough driving tutorial section based on the techniques Skip Barber Driving Schools, Skip Barber Racing is set to offer gamers the fastest thrills on four wheels.

"It was obvious to us, based on our experience with Hot Rod Magazine's Championship Drag Racing, that race fans are very eager to see simulations that address the real demands of race drivers," comments Vlatko Andonov, VP of Sales and Marketing for Bethesda Softworks. "Our partnership with Skip Barber Racing Schools gives us the opportunity to bring race fans a very rich and detailed experience that will teach them real racing techniques and protocols from the Skip Barber instructors -- something that hasn't been presented in much detail from other simulations."

Founded in 1975 the Skip Barber Racing School represents one of the most advanced and active racing schools operating in the world today and has gained worldwide acclaim for its ability to help drivers achieve the dream of professional success. Since its inception the Skip Barber Racing School has trained a host of noted race drivers including Bill Elliott (NASCAR Winston Cup), Ward Burton (NASCAR Winston Cup), Michael Andretti (Indy Car), Brian Herta (C.A.R.T.), and Danny Sullivan (Indy Car).

"By replicating the environment of the Skip Barber Racing Schools we will give players the opportunity to learn the same instructions and techniques as if they were actually there." notes Andonov, "Everything that's taught as a part of the course work -- from learning the course to learning how to recover from a spin -- will be accurately reproduced in the game."

Set for release in late 1999, Skip Barber Racing will feature Direct 3D support, force feedback support, positional audio cues, and multi-player support.

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