Elderscrolls.com Updates
We've updated Elderscrolls.com to include links to fan sites and the eagerly anticipated official forums. Visit www.elderscrolls.com for more info on Morrowind and participate in our forums.

In Memoriam

Click here for a tribute to Tim Brierely, a friend of Bethesda Softworks and the ZeniMax family who left us too soon.

IHRA Drag Racing Announced For PlayStation® too
Drag racing fans will now have three ways to bring home great drag racing action. Whether you own a PC, PlayStation® game console, or Sega Dreamcast", you'll be able to play the hottest drag racing game available -- IHRA Drag Racing. Available later this summer, IHRA Drag Racing will bring to the PlayStation the cars, drivers, and tracks that make IHRA action so exciting. For more information, read the press release, or visit the IHRA Drag Racing product page.

Get Ready for More Magic & Mayhem with Art of Magic
We are pleased to announce the sequel to our award-winning, critically acclaimed strategy game, Magic & Mayhem. This groundbreaking title won praise for its unique blend of real-time strategy, role-playing, and adventure elements, and Art of Magic looks to improve on this exciting combination with new features and hot new graphics. For more information, read the Art of Magic press release.

IHRA Drag Racing Coming to Sega Dreamcast"!
You've begged, you've pleaded, we listened. You wanted a great drag racing game for your Dreamcast, and we're going to deliver. IHRA Drag Racing, already in development for the PC, will also be released for the Sega Dreamcast this summer. For more information, read the press release or visit the IHRA Drag Racing product page.

PBA Tour Bowling 2001 Announced
We're proud to announce our first title for the Sega Dreamcast", PBA Tour Bowling 2001. PBA 2001 will feature a variety of modes, including practice, single player and team games, and tournaments. Multiplayer will be supported for up to six players. For more information, read the press release or visit the PBA 2001 product page.