About: Under the Hood: Tires

Tires are the single most important element in drag racing. The tire is what turns the power of the engine into acceleration and speed. Check out the numerous parameters you can adjust including:

Peak The maximum force that the tire can exert. The value represents "grip" value that is multiplied by the vertical load on the tire.
Slope How quickly tire forces are generated as slip angles are increased.
Stiffness The stiffness of the tire or how fast the tire develops it's forces.
Shape The shape of the tire curve at its peak.
Curvature The type of force curve generated by the tire.
Camber Slope How quickly camber affects lateral force, in force per degree.
Camber Angle The camber angle of the tire. Camber will change the lateral force generated by a tire and has small effects on the longitudinal forces.
Diameter The static diameter of the tire. Tire size affects the weight, and ultimate gear ratio.
Growth A measure of how much the tire grows as RPM rises. Growth is measured as a percentage of static radius.
Pressure The tire pressure. Pressure affects the tire grip, temperature, and spring rates.