About: Under the Hood: Suspension

You can fully modify the suspension configuration and center of gravity. Changes in suspension can greatly affect the way the car behaves down the track and especially at the launch from the starting line. The following components are customizable:

Spring Allows changes to the springs. Changes in springs affect the way weight is transferred onto the tires.
Dampers (shocks) Dampers or shocks are velocity-sensitive and act as additional springs as well as acting against the compressed spring's recoil.
Roll Bar The roll bar affects how weight is transferred laterally or sideways. The stiffer the bar, the less weight is transferred.
The Center of Gravity The point at which the car will rotate if suspended in mid air. The location of the center of gravity affects how weight is transferred. Generally, the lower and more forward the center of gravity, the less weight is transferred to the rear. Ideally in drag racing, the center of gravity would be set so that the front tires just lift as the car accelerates down the track.
Steering The way the vehicle steers can be adjusted through two parameters: Lock and Ratio. Steer Lock is the number of degrees the wheel can turn from left to right. The steer Ratio is a measure of the amount of steering input to the actual wheel turn. A value of 10 indicates that for every one degree of wheel turn, the player would have to turn the steering wheel ten degrees. The lower the Ratio, the more the wheels will turn in response to steering input.