Strike First. Hit Hard. Get Paid. The heir to Strike Commander is here: F16: Aggressor. Acting as a mercenary, take charge of an F16 Falcon and fly over 40 geopolitical missions all across destabilized regions of Africa. F16: Aggressor is the closest anyone outside the military will get to experiencing an F16 Falcon. Get ready to use world class technology with flight modelling that's so realistic that military-only secret features had to be removed. Coming 2nd Quarter 1999.
From Mythos Games, the creators of the legendary X-COM series, comes a new addictive, tactical real-time strategy game, Magic and Mayhem. You are all-powerful. Unleash your magic against opposing sorcerers and monsters. Dispatch fireballs against your foes, invoke the apocalypse against their beasts. Avoid traps, solve mysteries, and gather artifacts. Coming 2nd Quarter 1999.

From the creators of the award-winning Daggerfall comes the swashbuckling action-adventure epic of a lifetime. Featuring bold swordfighting and ingenious puzzles, REDGUARD lets you explore a living 3D world.

Wonderful! Magnificent! Captivating!
- The Adrenaline Vault

The world's first drag racing simulation for the PC just got better! Hotrod Championship Drag Racing PLAYER'S CHOICE EDITION (PCE) features the top most requested features compiled from our hard-core drag racing fans! Look for new cars, cockpit views, a paint shop, nitrous oxide and more.
Hotrod: Championship Drag Racing Hotrod Demo!
Bring the fastest motorsport on the planet home to your PC!
the world's first true Sportsman Class drag racing sim!

"More fun than it has any right to be!"
-PC Gamer

XCAR: Experimental Racing
Designed and developed for simulation racing enthusiasts, XCAR: EXPERIMENTAL RACING delivers the next generation of high-speed motor sports. Surpassing the limitations of traditional auto racing, XCAR offers racing sim fans their first opportunity to explore the exotic class of "Sport Prototype Racing."
Battlespire Battlespire
From the epic role-playing world of Daggerfall and Arena springs forth a sinister tale of mortal conflict and triumph. The celestial citadel known as Battlespire has been ravaged by a black-hearted Daedra Lord. If this evil Lord and his minions can so easily brush aside an entire defending garrison of the Empire's Battlemages, how can you, a solitary hero, stand against them?