Set in the near future, the human race faces certain extinction after a devastating 70-day war against alien invaders. With the military forces and governments of the world in ruins the player commands humanity's last hope -- a resistance force known as the Terran Liberation Army. Starting with a meager supply of captured weapons and technology the player must drive back the invaders and free the Earth from alien domination.

Throughout the game players will take part in a deep, involving plot and uncover the truth about Area 51, alien abductions, and the mysterious Men in Black. Can you gather the men and materials you need to put up a good fight without being detected? Create new bases to supply forces and protect the surviving civilian population. Capture and research alien technology to upgrade your weapons and vehicles.

You must fight for every resource you need since money is now worthless. Want new weapons or ammo? You've got to take it by force. Need new recruits? You must fight to free civilians so they can join your ranks. Train your troops and watch their skills and abilities increase as they learn from each combat mission. Fail and hope dies with you. Succeed and the human race might just rule Earth once again.

**Playstation 2 version is pending final approval from Sony.


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