Designed by Mythos Games and developed by Charybdis, Art of Magic effortlessly mixes real-time strategy, role-playing, and adventure into an immersive experience that will once again entertain and enthrall PC gamers looking for something new. Set within a lush, 3D environment, players control a novice spellcaster who is stranded in a world beset by chaotic forces. Each faction is attempting to seize control of the world, using their armies to fight raging battles through the game.

Armed only with a limited supply of spells and powers, players must master their magical abilities and command their armies in order to survive a variety of tactical missions. As they progress, new skills will be learned and used as the player moves through the story to reveal a sinister plot.

Art of Magic will feature state-of-the-art 3D graphics with fantastic spell effects, mythical creatures, and lighting effects. Players can smoothly zoom in close to check out the teeth on a marauding demon or zoom out to direct their armies across the battlefields. While the game features the same intuitive interface and spell creation system as the original, Art of Magic will also feature a host of new spells and creature types that will provide increased tactical options during combat. Players can move in close on the action and attack with devastating spells, like meteor showers, or keep a safe distance and summon creatures to fight for them, like knights, skeletons, and even dragons.

Once players have mastered the single-player campaign, they can compete with up to three other wizards on the Internet to find out who has truly mastered the Art of Magic.

Key Features

Master of an arsenal of more than 60 different spells

Summon 21 different types of creatures

Robust multiplayer support for up to 8 players over LAN and Internet

The rich 3D environment offers unrivalled realism with 360-degree movement.

Face more than 30 epic confrontations before you come to the ultimate challenge.

Engage in massive tactical battles using all the creatures and spells in your power



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