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Bethesda Softworks And X Com Creators Mythos Combine To Deliver Magic & Mayhem

Strategy And Spell Casting Combine In Fantasy Product From The Creators Of A Gaming Classic


Rockville, MD (April 27, 1999) - Bethesda Softworks today shipped Magic & Mayhem, a fantasy-strategy game developed by Mythos, the creators of the legendary X Com series. Three years in the making, Magic & Mayhem combines English developer Mythos' distinctive style of strategy and combat with the exotically populated and vastly explorable world of an RPG.

"Today, fantasy gamers demand more strategy in their games, and Mythos defined a classic style of strategy gameplay all their own with X Com. Having them bring a fresh approach to the fantasy genre is exciting news for all gamers. We're thrilled to be publishing Magic & Mayhem," notes Bethesda VP of Sales and Marketing, Vlatko Andonov.

Magic & Mayhem takes players on a quest through 36 regions in three giant realms - Celtic, Greek and Medieval. In these epic journeys, players can test their spell-casting and creature-summoning skills as a young wizard armed with a formidable spell book and a magic staff. With 21 different mythological characters to summon, and up to 63 spells at their fingertips, players will have to think tactically and deploy their mythical legions strategically as the game's AI ensures that no two battles play out the same way. Whether launching plagues upon the enemy, drawing down nightlight from the heavens, or summoning an army of mythological beasts, only the most strategic thinkers will emerge victorious.

"We designed Magic & Mayhem to combine the fast-paced action of real time strategy with the kind of amazing environment and creatures that you can create in the fantasy genre, then we designed the AI to really keep players on their toes," notes Mythos' senior programmer Nick Gollop.

Multiplayer mode is supported over LAN and Internet, allowing four would-be wizards to battle it out in spell-casting combat. Player matching for Magic & Mayhem is hosted on Microsoft's Gaming Zone ( Magic & Mayhem also features a haunting soundtrack by the Afro Celt Sound System, who record for Peter Gabriel's Realworld label.