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Bethesda Softworks Unleashes Magic and Mayhem Fantasy Real Time Strategy from Mythos, creators of X-Com series


Rockville, MD (Jan. 7, 1998) -Bethesda Softworks is proud to be publishing Magic and Mayhem, a real-time strategy game from Mythos, the creators of the X-COM series, for its US release. The release date is set for 2nd Quarter 1999.

Magic and Mayhem (previously known as Duel: The Mage Wars) is the result of over three years of development. Magic and Mayhem is a fantasy real time tactical combat game that is easy to pick up and hard to put down, continuing Mythos' tradition of excellent strategic game play with their award-winning X-Com series.

"You play the role of a young wizard, embarking on a magical adventure," said Julian Gollop, Mythos game developer. "You battle through regions populated by monsters, sorcerers, and devious traps."

In Magic and Mayhem, you'll find a real-time strategy genre with a unique spellcasting system and unprecedented AI that learns as you play. "We've designed the AI so that no two battles will ever be the same," said senior programmer, Nick Gollop.

Conquer over 36 regions including Celtic, Greek and Medieval maps. Master over 60 spells to prove yourself the ultimate wizard, capable of bringing a plague unto your enemies, raising the dead, casting waves of shattering lightning, and making volcanoes erupt. Raise your armies by summoning over 21 mythological beasts including unicorns, manticores, giant bats, zombies and centaurs. Up to four players can duke it out over the Internet or LAN in highly addictive multiplayer action. Internet play will be hosted on Microsoft's Gaming Zone (

System requirements for Magic and Mayhem are P133 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, 8x CD-ROM, Windows 95/98 and 100 free MB hard drive space.