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F-16 Aggressor Brings Out the Mercenary in Flight Sim Fans

F-16 Falcon Flight Sim Puts Gamers In Flight Path Over Africa To Sell Skills To The Highest Bidder


Rockville, MD (April 27, 1999) - Bethesda Softworks will today publish F-16: Aggressor, a flight simulation in the tradition of Strike Commander. Developed by General Simulations Inc., F-16: Aggressor lets players sell their F-16 Falcon piloting skills to the highest bidder in mercenary missions over politically destabilized Africa. Tested by the U.S. Air Force and Navy, F-16: Aggressor combines a gripping geopolitical storyline with in-depth simulation of the F-16 Falcon's sophisticated fly-by-wire system. F-16 Aggressor's level of detail is so realistic that certain features were deemed classified by the military.

"F-16: Aggressor is designed to be an accessible flight-sim that trains would-be pilots via hands-on experience. General Simulations, Inc. has done a great job in creating a flight sim that's as welcoming as it is detailed. Meaningful missions and the mercenary storyline make F-16: Aggressor a fun experience for PC pilots of all levels of ability,' notes Vlatko Andonov, VP of Sales and Marketing for Bethesda.

The game features 40 missions fought out in the skies above Africa, with accurately modeled locations from Madagascar and the Rift Valley to Morocco and Ethiopia. AI-controlled land and air forces include tanks, boats, helicopters, trains, trucks, wingmen and enemy aircraft. Training missions will introduce players to the full range of the F-16 Falcon's features.

Internet and LAN support lets would-be mercenaries fly in target-rich environments against other gamers in cooperative and deathmatch modes. A powerful graphics-rendering engine is scalable to bring amazing graphics to a wide range of PC configurations.