About the Game
The world's first drag racing sim just got better... thanks to you! HOTROD CHAMPIONSHIP DRAG RACING PLAYER'S CHOICE EDITION (PCE) features the top 12 most requested cars from SHRA, the world first online drag racing league. In addition to the award-winning Hotrod Championship Drag Racing, PCE includes highly requested features including an in-car cockpit view while racing, a paintshop utility, nitrous oxide injection, fully customizable sounds and much, much more!
HOTROD CHAMPIONSHIP DRAG RACING lets you climb into your favorite dragster that you've custom-built from scratch, peel out from the starting line, and leave your competitors eating the smoke left in your wake. You've never played a racing sim like this -- we're talking the fastest motorsport in the world. Prepare to feel the speed, the thrill and the power of the world's first drag racing sim for the PC.

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20 cars, including classic American muscle & vintage cars, Pro-Stock, Funny cars and Railcars -- straight from the pages of Hot Rod Magazine Every aspect of the car, from engine, transmission, tires, suspension, and aerodynamics can be customized to create your dream car
20 tracks based on authentic locations including NHRA member tracks! Utilize the 32 channels of telemetry data to "tweak" your car to perfection
Check out racing excitement direct from the game Race the car of your dreams in single heat, event or an entire season
Witness heart-stopping crashes Save and replay your best races and crashes with the VCR
Take on fellow drag racing fans over the Internet, LAN or modem (drag racers aren't that competitive, are they?) System requirements